UEFA Champions League winners history list!


Each year, an elite club that outsmarts the other strong European clubs is crowned the season’s UEFA Champions League winner.

The title has been contended for 59 seasons and a number of teams have gained prominence in that time. Real Madrid is the most successful team having won ten times, followed by AC Milan with seven victories and five titles for both Liverpool and Bayern Munich. Here is the complete UEFA Champions League winners list.

Real Madrid won five consecutive football tournaments from 1955-1960.1955-1960

Winner: Real Madrid (SPAIN)

Runners-up: Stade de Reims (1956, 1959), Fiorentina (1957), Milan (1958), Eintracht Frankfurt (1960)

Final scores: Real 4-3 Reims; Real 2-0 Fiorentina; Real 3-2 AC Milan (Extra Time); Real 2-0 Reims (1959); Real 7-3 Eintracht

Host countries: France (1956); Spain (1957); Belgium (1958); Germany (1959); Scotland (1960)

Real Madrid was the strongest team at the time. They won five consecutive tournaments a record that has not been matched. Though they encountered some resistance, the brilliance of their star players Ferenc Puskas, Francisco Gento, Alfredo Di Stefano and Jose Santamaria helped them conquer. In 1958, the final game was decided by an extra time goal scored by Francisco Gento. The 1960 European Cup final was a thrilling match as Madrid humiliated Eintracht to a 7-3 loss in Glasgow. This match recorded the largest attendance ever with over 135000 fans at the stadium.

UEFA Champions League 1960-1962 champion Benfica from Portugal1960-1962

Winner: Benfica (PORTUGAL)

Runners-up: Barcelona (1961); Real Madrid (1962)

Final scores: Benfica 3-2 Barcelona; Benfica 5-3 Real Madrid

Host countries: Switzerland (1961); Netherlands (1962)

Barcelona ended Real Madrid’s supremacy by beating them in the 1961 competition in the quarters. They made it to the finals only to lose to Benfica. Benfica boldly went on to lift the trophy a second time the following season by beating Real Madrid by 5-3.


AC Milan defeated Benfica and became the 1963 UEFA Champions League champion1962-1965

Winners: AC Milan (1963); Inter Milan (1964, 1965) (ITALY)

Runners-up: Benfica (1963); Real Madrid (1964); Benfica (1965)

Final scores: AC Milan 2-1 Benfica; Inter Milan 3-1 Real; Inter Milan 1-0 Benfica

Host countries: England (1963); Austria (1964); Italy (1965)

AC Milan denied Benfica a chance to make it a hat-trick by beating them in the 1963 final. Their city rivals Internazionale Milan ensured the trophy stayed in Italy in the subsequent two seasons. With a wonderful combination of star players, namely Faketti, Mazzola, Sarti, Burnjic, Suares and Jaire the Inter squad marked an era that many Italians expected to match the earlier Real Madrid’s success.


Real Madrid won the final for their sixth European Cup in 19661965-1966

Winner: Real Madrid (SPAIN)

Runner-up: Partisan Belgrade

Final score: Real 2-1 Partisan Belgrade

Host country: Belgium

This historic football game was played at Heysel Stadium in Belgium on May 11, 1966, the final score was 2 for Real Madrid and 1 for the Yugoslavian team Partizan from Serbia now.  

Inter Milan were knocked out of the 1966 competition in the semi-final by Real Madrid. Real won the final for their sixth European Cup with a Spanish-dominated squad. This showed how good the Real Madrid football squad was.


Celtic from Scotland became the UEFA Champions League champion in 19671966-1967

Winner: Celtic (SCOTLAND)

Runner-up: Inter Milan

Final score: Celtic 2-1 Inter

Host country: Portugal

The Scottish club had a successful season, winning all the tournaments it participated in. The Italians Inter Milan were their next victims as they beat them 2-1 to win the final. Celtic emerged the first British side to win the trophy.


Manchester United from ENGLAND was the UEFA Champions League top medalist in 19681967-1968

Winner: Manchester United (ENGLAND)

Runner-up: Benfica

Final score: Manchester United 4-1 Benfica (Extra Time)

Host country: England

Two goals from Bobby Charlton and others from George Best and Brian Kidd granted Manchester united a win to become the first English Cup winner. The final match was played at Wembley Stadium, London with attendance of 92,225. Concetto Lo Bello from Italy was the referee of the match.


AC Milan of Italy won the EUFA Champion League 1968-1969 trophy 1968-1969

Winner: AC Milan (ITALY)

Runner-up: Ajax

Final score: AC Milan 4-1 Ajax

Host country: Spain

AC Milan won the trophy after defeating Ajax in Madrid. This would later turn out to be the last success for Latin Clubs as a 17-year draught followed. Germany, English and Dutch teams took over from them.



FC Ajax won the  UEFA Champions League trophy 3 consecutive time; UEFA Champions League 1971, 1972 and 19731969-1973

Winners: Feyenord Rotterdam (1970) ; Ajax (1971, 1972, 1973) (NETHERLANDS)

Runner-up: Celtic (1970); Panathinaikos(1971); Internazionale Milan  (1972); Juventus(1973)

Final score: Rotterdam 2-1 Celtic (Extra time); Ajax 2-0 Panathinaikos; Ajax 2-0 Inter; Ajax 1-0 Juventus

Host countrys: Italy (1970); England (1971); Netherlands (1972); Serbia (1973)

The Dutch got a taste of the trophy when Rotterdam beat Celtic 2-1 after extra time in the finals of 1970 in Milan. The following season, Ajax ensured the trophy found its way back to the country by overpowering the Greek team Panathinaikos to a 2-0 defeat. Ajax maintained two more consecutive victories against Internazionale and Juventus by utilizing “the total football”.


Bayern Munic from Germany was the 1973 - 1976 UEFA Champions League winner1973-1976

Winner: Bayern Munich (GERMANY)

Runner-up: Atletico Madrid (1974); Leeds United (1975); Saint-Etienne (1976)

Final score: Bayern 4-0 Atletico (Rematch); Bayern 2-0 Leeds United; Bayern 1-0 Saint-Etienne

Host country: Belgium (1974); France (1975); Scotland (1976)

The Bayern Munich team was extremely successful with the squad consisting of a number of the German national squad, which won the European Championship in 1972 then the World Cup in 1974. The first victory came through a 4-0 rematch against Atletico Madrid after the first game ended in a 1-1 draw. The following season, Bayern won the match against Paris Leeds United with a 2-0 score line and resulted in the English crowd causing havoc at the stadium. The third victory came against Saint-Etienne who they outscored 1-0.


Liverpool squad from England -  EUFA Champions League champion from 1977, 1978, 19811976-1982

Winner: Liverpool (1977, 1978, 1981); Nottingham Forest (1979, 1980) Aston Villa (1982) (ENGLAND)

Runner-up: Borussia Monchengladbach (1977); Club Brugge (1978); Malmo FF (1979); Hamburg (1980); Real Madrid (1981); Bayern Munich (1982)

Final score: Liverpool 3-1 Monchengladbach; Liverpool 1-0 Club Brugge; Nottingham 1-0 Malmo; Nottingham 1-0 Hamburg; Liverpool 1-0 Real; Villa 1-0 Bayern Munich

Host country: Italy (1977); England (1978); Germany (1979); Spain (1980); France (1981); Netherlands (1982)

Liverpool started the English dominance by triumphing over Borussia Monchengladbach, scoring three goals to their opponent’s one goal. It enjoyed another success the following year by beating Club Brugge, the Belgian champions. However they fell to their English counterparts Nottingham Forest the next season as Forest made a sensational campaign to win the trophy. In addition, Forest defended the trophy in 1980 by beating Hamburg.

In 1981, Liverpool secured their third victory by defeating Real Madrid by 1-0. Being the era for English teams to dominate, Aston Villa managed to win 1-0 against Bayern Munich in the 1982 final in Rotterdam.


1983 UEFA Championship League champion - Hamburg from Germany1982-1983

Winner: Hamburg (GERMANY)

Runner-up: Juventus

Final score: Hamburg 1-0 Juventus

Host country: Greece

The trophy went to Hamburg the next season after defating Juventus by 1-0. This brought a break to the English dominance as no English side featured in the final unlike in the previous seven years.


UEFA Champions League 1984 tournament winner - Liverpool football squad from England1983-1984

Winner: Liverpool (ENGLAND)

Runner-up: Roma

Final score: Liverpool 1-1 Roma (4-2 pen)

Host country: Italy

The game had to be determined by a penalty shoot-out after Liverpool and Roma drew 1-1. Liverpool took the trophy for a forth time and it is the actions of the Liverpool goalkeeper during the shoot-out that makes it a memorable game. Grobbelaar bit the back of the net before Bruno Conti and Francesco Graziani took their kicks and both went on to miss the penalties.


Juventus from Italy - 1985 UEFA Champions League winner1984-1985

Winner: Juventus (ITALY)

Runner-up: Liverpool

Final score: Juventus 1-0 Liverpool

Host country: Belgium

The defending champions lost 1-0 to Juventus in the next final. The Juventus excitement was eclipsed by the actions of Liverpool crowd that led to the demise of 39 Juventus fans. This was a dark cloud over English success as a ban of five years was imposed on the English teams and a six-year ban for Liverpool. It marked a big challenge for English cups to contest for the title even upon the end of the ban.


Steaua Bucuresti from Romania became the 1986 UEFA Champions League winner by defeating Barcelona1985-1988

Winners: Steaua Bucuresti (1986) (ROMANIA) ; Porto (1987) (PORTUGAL) ; PSV Eindhoven (1988) (NETHERLANDS)

Runners-up: Barcelona (1986); Bayern Munich (1987); Benfica (1988)

Final scores: Steaua Bucuresti 0-0 Barcelona (2-0 pen); Porto 2-1 Bayern; PSV 0-0 Benfica (6-5 pen)

Host countries: Spain (1986); Austria (1987); West Germany (1988)

With the English teams missing out after the Heysel Disaster, the trophy was first lifted by Steaua Bucuresti from Romania after defeating Barcelona through penalties. Helmuth Duckadam, the Steaua keeper, saved four penalties to aid his team to a 2-0 win. Next Porto outweighed Bayern Munich in a thrilling final when Algeria’s Rabah Madjer scored a spectacular back-heel for Porto.


AC Milan of Italy - UEFA Champions League champion from 1988 to 19901988-1990

Winner: AC Milan (ITALY)

Runner-up: Steaua Bucuresti (1989); Benfica (1990)

Final score: AC Milan 4-0 Bucuresti; AC Milan 1-0 Benfica

Host country: Spain (1989); Austria (1990)

Two decades after their first and only win, AC Milan routed Steaua Bucuresti to a 4-0 win to take the trophy. They defended the trophy a year later and won the final against Benfica by 1-0. The efforts of Arrigo Sacchi were proving to be fruitful for the club as he put up arguably the best defense in the tournament.


European Cup 1991 Champion - Red Star Belgrade from Yugoslavia1990-1991

Winner: Red Star Belgrade (YUGOSLAVIA)

Runner-up: Marseille

Final score: Red Star Belgrade 0-0 Marseille (5-3 pen)

Host country: Italy

Red Star Belgrade, Champions of the Yugoslav League, held Marseille to a goalless draw and went on to beat them on penalties. At this time, the 5 year ban on English teams was lifted.


European Cup 1992  Champion - Barcelona football squad from Spain1991-1992

Winner: Barcelona (SPAIN)

Runner-up: Sampdoria

Final score: Barcelona 1-0 Sampdoria (Extra Time)

Host country: England

This competition’s quarter finals had some changes as it was altered to two groups’ league format. Barcelona beat Sampdoria 1-0 after extra time at Wembley stadium.



1993 UEFA European Cup Champion - Marseille from France1992-1993

Winner: Marseille (FRANCE)

Runner-up: AC Milan

Final score: Marseille 1-0 AC Milan

Host country: Germany

The competition was no longer referred to as the European Cup as it was renamed the UEFA Champions League starting from 1992-93 season. Marseille became the first winners under the new title after defeating Milan in the final. They were faced with issues relating to match fixing leading to their ban from taking part in the next Champions League. Nonetheless, they are still the only French team to lift the Champions League trophy.


1994 UEFA Champions League Champion - Italian football squad Milan1993-1994

Winner: AC Milan (ITALY)

Runner-up: Barcelona

Final score: AC Milan 4-0 Barcelona

Host country: Greece

AC Milan were back to challenge for the title once more. They were unshaken and headed to humiliate an impressive Barcelona team to a 4-0 defeat. Marcel Desailly, AC Milan defender, became the first player to win the cup consecutively with different clubs, having played for Marseille the previous season. Fabio Capello inspired the Italian team to glory in 1994 and the final of the following year.


AJAX from Netherlands defeated AC Milan to become the 1995 UEFA Champions League champion1994-1995

Winner: Ajax (NETHERLANDS)

Runner-up: AC Milan

Final score: Ajax 1-0 AC Milan

Host country: Austria

Ajax won the trophy again since their hat-trick in 1973. The team was greatly composed of youthful players and went won to reach the next final. The game took place at the Ernst- Happel Stadion in Vienna, Austria on May 24, 1995.



1996 UEFA Champions League champion - Juventus from Italy1995-1996

Winner: Juventus (ITALY)

Runner-up: Ajax

Final score: Juventus 1-1 Ajax (4-2 pen)

Host country: Italy

This championship game was played at Stadio Olimpico in Italy.  Juventus won the 1996 final against Ajax after a penalty shout-out.

Earlier they had knocked out Real Madrid at the quarter finals and Nantes, France, at the semi-final.


Borussia Dortmund of Germany - UEFA Champions League 1997 Champion1996-1997

Winner: Borussia Dortmund (GERMANY)

Runner-up: Juventus

Final score: Dortmund 3-1 Juventus

Host country: Germany

Two spectacular goals from Karl-Heinz Riedle gave Dortmund a 2-0 lead by half time. In the second half, Alessandro Del Piero pulled one back for the Italians but the 20 year old Lars Ricken came on as a substitute to seal a 3-1 Dortmund victory.


1998  UEFA Champions League winner, Real Madrid form Spain1997-1998

Winner: Real Madrid (SPAIN)

Runner-up: Juventus

Final score: Real Madrid 1–0 Juventus

Host country: Netherlands

The 1997-98 season saw the inclusion of top European Leagues runners-up in the Champions League. Still, Real Madrid bounced back to win their seventh trophy meaning Juventus had fallen to another semi-final loss, a 1-0 defeat by Real Madrid.


Manchester United became the 1999 UEFA Champions League champion by defeating Bayern Munich1998-1999

Winner: Manchester United (ENGLAND)

Runner-up: Bayern Munich

Final score: United 2-1 Bayern Munich

Host country: Spain

The final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich is obviously one memorable match among the past Champions League finals. Both teams were on the hunt for a treble and Manchester had won the FA Cup and Premier League prior to the final. Bayern took the lead in the sixth minute through a stunning free kick and the Manchester United team struggled to find the net even in the second half. Into the three minutes of stoppage time, United was awarded a corner kick and all the players went forward, including the keeper. Teddy Sheringham got the equalizer in that moment and a second corner, still taken by David Beckham, resulted into the winning goal scored by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.


UEFA Champions League 2000 Winner, Spanish squad Real Madrid1999-2000

Winner: Real Madrid (SPAIN)

Runner-up: Valencia

Final score: Real Madrid 3-0 Valencia

Host country: France

UEFA changed the requirements in the 1999-2000 season. Four teams from the top three leagues and three teams from the next three ranked leagues could take part in the competition. Spanish Clubs performed well and it was Real Madrid versus Valencia in the finals. Real Madrid won 3-0 marking a well-deserved win after eliminating the previous year’s finalists on their way to the finals.


UEFA Champions League 2001 Champion - Bayern Munich of Italy2000-2001

Winner: Bayern Munich (GERMANY)

Runner-up: Valencia

Final score: Bayern 1-1 Valencia (5-4 pen)

Host country: Italy

Valencia was once again in a successive final in 2001. They tied with Bayern Munich at 1-1 after normal and extra time only to lose the shoot-out by 5-4. Ottmar Hitzfeld, the Bayern Munich coach, had now won the Champions League with two Different teams with the first honor coming while at Borussia Dortmund in 1997.


Real Madrid of Spain once again captured the UEFA Champions League trophy in 20022001-2002

Winner: Real Madrid (SPAIN)

Runner-up: Bayer Leverkusen

Final score: Real Madrid 2-1 Bayer Leverkusen

Host country: Scotland

The legendary Zinedine Zidane was now at Real Madrid, while they played Bayer Leverkusen in the final. He showed his exceptional quality by securing a win for Real through the second goal in a 2-1 win over the German team. After that win, Real was boasting of being victors for the ninth time.


UEFA Champions League 2003 Winner - AC Milan of Italy2002-2003

Winner: AC Milan (ITALY)

Runner-up: Juventus

Final score: AC Milan 0-0 Juventus (3-2 pen)

Host country: England

Italy had not performed well in the previous season of the competition but they came back much improved, three Italian teams making it to the semi finals. The 2003 final was AC Milan against Juventus. After a 0-0 tie, Juventus lost 3-2 to AC Milan on penalties. This was an important one for the Milan captain, Paolo Maldini, as he lifted the trophy exactly forty years after his father had done the same for Milan. In addition, Clarence Seedorf had won the Champions League three times with three different teams, after Ajax (1995) and Real Madrid (1998).


Porto from Portugal lifting the UEFA Champions League 2004 trophy2003-2004

Winner: Porto (PORTUGAL)

Runner-up: AS Monaco

Final score: Porto 3-0 AS Monaco

Host country: Germany

The 2004 final was between two of the competitions underdogs, Porto and AS Monaco. They had overcome the favorites in the ranks of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United. Under their manager Jose Mourinho, the Porto team cruised to a 3-0 win through a firm defense and a skilled front line.


UEFA Champions League 2005 Champion - Liverpool of England2004-2005

Winner: Liverpool (ENGLAND)

Runner-up: AC Milan

Final score: Liverpool 3-3 Milan (3-2 pen)

Host country: Turkey

The 2005 final was a clash between prominent teams, Milan playing against Liverpool. Milan found the net after 52 seconds, which stands as the fastest goal in Champions league history. Another two goals from Hernan Crespo before half time provided Milan with a comfortable lead. This was later to be ruined by goals from Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer and Xabi Alonso before the sixtieth minute to bring the game to an even 3-3 score line. This is one outstanding comeback in a major and deciding match. The game proceeded to the penalty shootout and Liverpool conquered 3-2 to be victorious for the fifth time.


Barcelona of Spain defeated Arsenal and became the 2006 UEFA Champions League champion2005-2006

Winner: Barcelona (SPAIN)

Runner-up: Arsenal

Final score: Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal

Host country: France

Barcelona and Arsenal qualified for the finals after eliminating Villarreal and Milan in the semis. Arsenal went ahead in the 37th minute through a Sol Campbell header but Eto’o equalized in the 76th minute. Earlier, Jens Lehmann, the arsenal goal keeper, had been sent off after fouling Samuel Eto’o outside the penalty area. Within five minutes after the first goal, Barca scored the winning goal to lift the trophy.


UEFA Champions League 2007 Champion - Italian football team Milan2006-2007

Winner: AC Milan (ITALY)

Runner-up: Liverpool

Final score: AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool

Host country: Greece

In 2007, Milan thrashed Manchester United 3-0 in the second leg of the semi final to secure them a place in the finals. Liverpool eliminated Chelsea from the competition through a shoot-out. The pair met at the finals and Liverpool was denied a sixth win as Milan won by 2-1 to become champions a seventh time.


Manchester United of England captured the 2008 UEFA Championship League trophy2007-2008

Winner: Manchester United (ENGLAND)

Runner-up: Chelsea

Final score: Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea (6-5 Pen)

Host country: Russia

This was the first all-English club final in Champions League history as Chelsea faced Manchester United. Manchester United took the lead in the first half but Frank Lampard equalized for Chelsea in the dying minutes of the half. The score line did not change even after the extra time and both teams went to a shootout. A penalty kick by Nicolas Anelka was saved by Edwin van der Sar to grant United the victory.


Spanish soccer team, Barcelona became the 2009 UEFA Championship League best football squad2008-2009

Winner: Barcelona (SPAIN)

Runner-up: Manchester United

Final score: Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United

Host country: Italy

Manchester United advanced to yet another final after beating Arsenal in both legs of the semi-final. In the other semi final, Barcelona knocked out Chelsea. Goals from the brilliant Lionel Messi and Samuel Eto’o assured Barcelona of a 2-0 triumph, making it a treble for the Spanish team. Josep Guardiola became the youngest coach to win the trophy at 38 years.


 2010 UEFA Champions League winner, Inter Milan of Italy2009-2010

Winner: Inter Milan (ITALY)

Runner-up: Bayern

Final score: Inter Milan 2-0 Bayern

Host country: Spain

Inter Milan, under Jose Mourinho, triumphed over Barcelona in the semi-final to reach the final. They faced Bayern who they beat 2-0 to another successful battle in the competition. The championship event was played at Santiago Bernabeu in Spain.


2011 UEFA Champions League medalist; Barcelona from Spain2010-2011

Winner: Barcelona (SPAIN)

Runner-up: Manchester United

Final score: Barcelona 3-1 Manchester united

Host country: England

Barcelona faced Manchester United at the final held at Wembley stadium. Pedro, Messi and David Villa all scored to make a 3-1 win over the United. Barcelona had cruised to their fourth title.


English top team Chelsea, became the UEFA 2012 Champions League champion by disposing Bayern Munich2011-2012

Winner: Chelsea (ENGLAND)

Runner-up: Bayern Munich

Final score: Chelsea 1-1 Bayern Munich (4-3 penalties)

Host country: Germany

The final match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich ended 1-1 after extra time. Thomas Muller gave Bayern the lead only for Didier Drogba to equalize for his team. Two saves from Petr Cech during the shoot-out led Chelsea to win by 4-3, with Drogba scoring the decisive kick.


UEFA Champion League  2013 winner - German top football squad Bayern Munich2012-2013

Winner: Bayern Munich (GERMANY)

Runner-up: Borussia Dortmund

Final score: Bayern 2-1 Dortmund

Host country: England

This was a German affair as Borussia Dortmund faced Bayern Munich, having knocked out Real Madrid and Barcelona in the semi finals. Arjen Robben inspired Bayern to win the game 2-1, scoring the winning goal in the 89th minute. This granted Bayern their fifth title.


UEFA Champions League 2014 champion - Real Madrid (Spain)2013-2014

Winner: Real Madrid (SPAIN)

Runner-up: Atletico Madrid

Final score: Real 4-1 Atletico (Extra Time)

Host country: Portugal

Real Madrid made it to the finals by defeating titleholders by 5-0 aggregate. Real got their 10th title by beating Atletico. The match was one of a kind as both opponents come from the same city. Atletico Madrid scored in the early minutes of the first half and held to the lead until the 93rd minute when Real equalized. The game went into extra time and Real sealed the win with three more goals.