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Top 10 Goal-Scorers in Last 5 Years (2009-2014)

#10. Wayne Rooney – 125 Goals (Ratio 0.57)

Wayne Rooney’s career has been on the decline in the last couple of seasons, but he still managed to keep his decent goal scoring run under David Moyes. Rooney has scored 125 goals since 2008 and he makes the top 10 list at the last place.

#9. Robin Van Persie – 125 Goals (Ratio 0.62)

Robin Van Persie had couple of massive seasons’goal scoring wise in Arsenal shirt before he moved to Manchester United and won his first premier league title and playing a big role in guiding his team to success and also finished top goal scorer. Under moyes however he struggled for form and injuries also played their part. He has scored 125 goals in last 5 seasons at the ratio of (0.62)

#8. Antonio Di Natale – 133 Goals (Ratio 0.66)

Di Natale has been one of the most consistant goal scorer in italian series a and he is a sure bet to get 20 goals a season. His 133 goals in last 5 years put him in the top 10 goalscorer list.

#7. Edinson Cavani – 137 Goals (Ratio 0.63)

Cavani moved to PSG last summer but failed to replicate his great form which we were used to when he was at Napoli. He has scored massive 137 goals in last 5 years.

#6. Neymar – 139 Goals (Ratio 0.59)

The first season with Barcelona did not go as it was expected for Brazilian wonderkid, but his performances for his hometown club Sao Paulo were enough to get him a place in top 10 goalscorer for last 5 years. He scored 139 goals with the ratio of 0.59.

#5. Luis Suarez – 137 Goals (Ratio 0.63)

Probably the best striker in the world at the moment, finished top goal scorer in the premier league last season and broke the record to get golden boot in premier league. His tally of 137 goals in last 5 years put him at no.5 in our list.

#4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 147 Goals (Ratio 0.64)

Zlatan can do anything, his 147 goals (most of which have been special) with the great goal-to-game ratio of 0.64 put him at no.4 in the top goalscorer in last 5 years.

#3. Rademal Falcao – 165 Goals (Ratio 0.75)

Rademal Falcao had staller few seasons with Atletico Madrid where he scored goals for fun and also finished as top goal scorer in Europe couple of seasons ago. His 165 goals put him 3rd in the list with only Messi and Ronaldo scoring more goals than him in last 5 years.

#2. Cristiano Ronaldo – 239 Goals (Ratio 0.91)

Since his move to Real Madrid, Ronaldo has been in great goal scoring form. He has been scoring more than 30 goals a season in each of the 5 years he spend at Real madrid so far. His 239 goals in last 5 years put him in 2nd place.

#1. Lionel Messi – 282 Goals (Ratio 1.07)

Who else it can be ? one and only Lionel Messi has scored 282 goals in last 5 years which put him at the top of goal scoring list from last 5 years. His goal-to-game ratio (1.07) is the best among the top players listed above.

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