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Casino loyalty programs have five distinct types, packed with lucrative rewards available to eligible players. Check out this guide to learn about each!

Types of Casino Loyalty Programs

Almost all online casino operators across the world provide a wide range of games, including but not limited to slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat. Besides variety, they offer banking alternatives, bonuses, promotions, reliable payouts and more. Vulkan is one such gaming destination where you can find all the significant features good online casino offers.

If you envision the scenario above, you can imagine how fierce the current competition is. Then, how do you think casino operators win back gamblers to their site? It is by setting themselves apart, and one of the most successful tactics is through the execution of a loyalty program. It is exactly what lures gamers like you or us to go back for more.

Now, a loyalty program can be of several types, of which some are quite popular among players. Let us make you grow familiar with each of them via this post.

Popular Kinds of Loyalty Programs

Before moving into the different types, let us begin by understanding what a loyalty program is.

A loyalty program is a reward provided to the most active players at an online casino who are faithful to the gaming destination. It works by assigning points based on their playing frequency. When the points accumulate to a certain threshold, they are redeemable by players for cash rewards or prizes. The more a player wagers, the more points he collects and the higher he moves up the loyalty ladder to enjoy more benefits. These perks might differ from one casino to another.

Now that you have a basic understanding of loyalty programs, don’t you want to check out the major types? Enlisted are the popular ones:

Points-based Loyalty Program

Under this program, active players collect points for playing casino games at gambling sites. The more they bet, the more they collect points, and based on them, reach higher levels of the program. Ideally, that should be the aim of every gamer, as those top levels promise better rewards. Some casinos attach certain terms and conditions for earning these points.

For instance, a specified online gambling destination might set up a policy whereby players shall draw up points only for betting on casino games and not slot machines. However, this was just an example. All online casinos have different policies. Also, some gaming sites have no tiered loyalty program. Redeeming takes them closer to bonus cash and miscellaneous perks.

Cashback-based Loyalty Program

This type of loyalty program is the most common at online casinos, whereby players unlock a little extra cash that straightaway lands into their bankroll. The conditions underlying such programs may vary from one gaming site to another. However, one thing is uniform across all online casinos. It is the cashback reward earned, which is typically a percentage of the bet placed by players. It can be redeemed as real funds.

A word of advice to all is to read the fine print, stating the cashback earned as part of the reward program. This is because the cashback awarded to players is subject to terms and conditions, primarily the wager requirements. Punters can withdraw the sum only on fulfilling those playthrough obligations.

Free Shipping Loyalty Program

Now, this type of loyalty program is something you hardly come across. But when you do, you can enjoy free shipping on your purchases on reaching and exceeding a certain amount of spending. Gaming enthusiasts may be less familiar with this program, but the tactic has proven to lure casino players into buying more from the sites.

Tier-based Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs based on tiers in the gambling industry are structured plans whereby each gamer is assigned a certain segment. The system is segmented into Silver, Gold and Platinum or VIP, Elite VIP, and Diamond. Moving up those tiers requires each player to spend a certain sum of money on betting to unlock different benefits.

Aim for higher tiers to achieve intangible and non-monetary perks like upgraded services and perennial treatment. Moreover, the status earned is more prestigious than any benefit achieved. Simply put, the tiered system makes rewards available based on the spending of punters. Therefore, the more you spend, the greater amount you earn.

Discount Loyalty Program

By this type of loyalty program, we imply redeeming a certain percentage of player purchases on reaching a certain spending threshold. Exclusive discounts await gamblers here. It is a win-win situation whereby the gamer enjoys rebates on purchases, whereas the online casino earns a loyal player.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Loyalty Programs!

Online casinos craft lucrative loyalty programs for their customers. Frequenters at sites like Vulkan Vegas, for example, enjoy exclusive benefits. The levels here are segmented, each level assigning a certain status to players. Casino Royale, Luxor, and Caesars Palace are a few to name. On successfully completing these levels, punters enjoy reload bonuses, cashback, and birthday bonuses. Begin betting to experience them all.